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Welcome to the AEF Webinar!

This free webinar is a partnership between Equine Guelph and the Alberta Equestrian Federation, and we’re delighted to have you join us for this session on [topic of webinar, how it will occur]

The webinar will occur on June 2017 at [time], and will last for approximately X minutes.  

Accessing the Webinar

The webinar can be accessed by clicking the webinar link below.  Equine Guelph uses Adobe Connect for its webinar hosting services.  In order to ensure that you will have access to the webinar on the day of, you might need to add the Adobe Connect Add-in for your preferred internet browser.  [check this]

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Can’t log in?  Please check the following troubleshooting options.  If you need further assistance, please contact [David or Matt]?