Ontario Equestrian Federation

OEF/Equine Guelph Pilot Program

Be the first to try out a new course on Equine Guelph’s new training platform – The Horse Portal. Not only will you benefit from a free course, but you will be assisting us in building an innovative, online training platform for the equine industry. After you have helped us make The Horse Portal and the courses the best they can be, Ontario will serve as the model for the rest of Canada.

Take a FREE* Online Short Course to learn the new National Standards.

Choose from one of the following courses:

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Coupon Code Equine Welfare Equine Biosecurity
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* A $95 value exclusively for OEF members
*200 free registrations available (50 per Coupon Code) on a first come – first serve basis 
* Limit one free course per OEF member

As part of the Pilot Program, Equine Guelph will be assessing the performance of its new education and training portal as well as course content. Upon completion of the course, participants will be asked to participate in online surveys and focus groups to help us improve both the online platform and the courses.

Please be aware that you are a part of a pilot program and you may encounter the ‘odd hiccup’ in the course. Your patience and feedback will be appreciated.

A Partnership in Training & Certification

The Ontario Equestrian Federation (OEF) is partnering with Equine Guelph to provide its members short, easily-accessible training programs so you can stay up-to-date on the latest information on equine care and welfare. This partnership enables the OEF to offer continuing education and certification opportunities for our members – athletes, coaches, officials, facilities and horse caregivers.

OEF Membership Benefits

Member Discount 10-starbust

As an OEF member, you will receive a 10% discount on short courses offered on The Horse Portal. Members will also earn certificates of completion from Equine Guelph – the horse owner’s Centre at the University of Guelph.

In addition, Equestrian Canada certified instructors/coaches may apply these certificates towards their professional development credits.

Lifelong Learning – Your Responsibility

Each day, new scientific knowledge emerges on how to better care for horses. It is everyone’s responsibility to stay current on best health and welfare practices and industry standards.

Whether you work with performance horses or have a backyard pony, these short, flexible courses are for you! So, on behalf of our horses, we invite you to join our online community.

A knowledgeable horse industry is a strong industry

“Even though we have generations of horse knowledge and experience behind us, I can guarantee that we will expand our minds and benefit our horses by taking part in these practical training programs.”

Pam Coburn, Program Manager, Ontario Equestrian Federation