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Racing in Ontario: Online Training Pilot Project

A Two Year Partnership

In 2019-2020, Equine Guelph launched an online training pilot project for the Ontario Horse Racing Industry. Over the course of two years, Equine Guelph delivered 12 offerings of seven online courses available for free to the first 100 AGCO licensees to register. These courses were aimed to provide trainers, grooms and all caregivers with the latest practical information to ensure their racehorses are feeling and performing their best.

During this time, three online short courses were offered exclusively to the racing community and addressed issues that the industry has told us they are facing – gut health, respiratory and injury/lameness. Expert guests from the racing industry participated in these courses to help address these racing-related health priorities.

Thank you to all the AGCO license holders who participated in our Pilot Program!  Unfortunately, the free course period has ended and all eligible courses have now finished.  To stay up to date on the latest Equine Guelph news, including any future course offerings, sign up for our eNews today!


What students are saying about our short online courses!

One Moon - Krista Cole, Owner“This course was very informative and truly interesting. There was a lot of information covered on the subject and it was broken down in sections each day. Was very enjoyable to take.”

Krista Cole, Thoroughbred Trainer
Student – Gut Health & Colic Prevention Course

Nancy Tamblyn and Kevin Sampson“Thank you for providing this course! My husband is a 3rd generation full-time Standardbred trainer and was pretty much born and raised at the race track. We thought he knew everything there was to know based on the generations of knowledge he had in his head. By the end of the first day of the course, we were already discussing possible new strategies and techniques. By the end of the 3rd week, we realized how little we actually knew and are now implementing many new methods to lessen the chances of colic happening at the track and at the farm. All trainers should be asked to take this course before they can be certified.”

Nancy Tamblyn and Kevin Sampson
Standardbred Owners, Breeders, and Grooms
Students – Gut Health & Colic Prevention Course

“I have learned a lot by taking this course. I am grateful and appreciate The Horse Portal and Equine Guelph in developing, and offering this course. I now have a better understanding of what to look for and ways to prevent colic in my horse. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who owns or cares for horses!”

Manjit Singh – Thoroughbred Owner
Student – Gut Health & Colic Prevention Course


 “FANTASTIC COURSE!!! I’ve already shared my sentiments with a few Woodbine staff members and others in the backstretch. Highly recommended! Thank you so much for offering it!”

Maurice Carty – Thoroughbred Owner
Student – Gut Health & Colic Prevention Course


“I highly recommend this course for anybody interested in horses or owning a horse from being a first time horse owner to being a very experienced horse person. This course is easily understood and very well detailed in explanation of all topics. Those who have been in the industry for years I am sure will still learn something and those who are just beginning in the horse business or just horse leisure, this course is a must.”

Debra Rombis – Thoroughbred Trainer (Fort Erie, ON)
Student – Equine First Aid


“I am more confident I can apply immediate first-aid attention to help my horse and can bridge the time between injury and the veterinary care.”

David Oliphant – Owner, McMac Adventurers (Sarnia, ON)
Student – Equine First Aid



“Equine Guelph’s Fire & Emergency Preparedness course was even more helpful and interesting than I thought it would be! In a week, I learned so much from experts in and out of the horse community, and would definitely recommend it to anybody who owns or cares for horses.”

Kathryn G. – Horse Owner and Groom, Chris Delia Stables (Mohawk Racetrack)
Student – Fire & Emergency Preparedness


“Racehorse Respiratory Health was a very informative and helpful class. This joint venture with AGCO is a very important connection. From the racing perspective it demonstrates another significant outreach of horse racing, namely the veterinary and academic community.”


John Balzer – Standardbred Owner, Breeder and Trainer
Student – Racehorse Respiratory Health

Carlo and “River Seven”

“I want to thank the HBPA of Ontario and Equine Guelph for allowing me the opportunity to learn about Racehorse Respiratory Health. The opportunity to work on the program on my schedule was great. The more we learn about our Equine Athletes the better stewards we will be to these magnificent animals.”

Carlo Tucci – Owner, Tucci Stables (Waterdown, ON)
Student – Racehorse Respiratory Health