Resources for Equine Business 101

Horses and riders on a trail ride
This page is a collection of the many additional resources that are included within the course for quick reference, organized by course lesson.  For questions about these resources, or to request additional information about the topics presented, please send an email to [email protected]

Unit 1 

BDC: Business Plan Template

The Thinking Equestrian – Starting and Running a Horse Business

Using Science to Maintain Equestrianism’s Social License” webinar (Dr. Roly Owers (World Horse Welfare)

Living in Paradise (Paddocks)

Unit 2 

Annual Horse Expense sheet templates:

Real Cost of Horse Ownership Video: 

Equestrian Professional Website –  Horse Business Calculators

Blog – A Yankee in Paris, The Business of Boarding  

Constant Contact: 10 Things you need to do before starting your own business 

Unit 3 

Horses and People – Staffing

Unit 4 

Value Propositions and Four Types of Values (pdf)

Equestrian Digital Marketing Agency

Tracy Dopko – If you build it, they will come, or will they?

Unit 5 

Equine Guelph EquineJobTrack board 

Why should I incorporate my Canadian Business (2 articles):

QuickBooks: Why should you register your business as a Sole Proprietorship in Canada?

Unit 7 

Concussion Resources from Equine Guelph:

Helmet and concussions (poster)

Concussion care and reducing risks

Safety wear

Nobody expects or plans to fall…but it does happen:

Frangible Pins in Cross Country Fences –  Eventing – Safety Feature:

Ontario Government Concussion Response Standards – Rowans’ Law

Recognizing Concussions (Horses and People Magazine)

Coaches Association of Canada – Concussion Awareness Resources

Parachute Canada – Concussion Signs and Symptoms

Unit 8

Raising Prices? 5 Do’s and Don’ts + Sample Letter

General Course Resources 

A link to Equine Guelph’s free Healthcare tools for keeping the herd healthy.   

Equine Guelph’s YouTube Channel

Equine Financial Futures Webinars:
Equine Guelph and Sean Jones from Sun Life Financial, in partnership with Ontario Equestrian, have created a seven-part webinar series on business management for equine facility owners. 

  1. Creating Your Financial Roadmap (Video) 
  2. Five steps to boost your financial health now(Video) 
  3. Balancing your financials and understanding debt (Video) 
  4. Your health AND wealth – how they correlate for your business (Video) 
  5. Building wealth – investing in yourself and your business (Video) 
  6. Advanced retirement income – planning your exit strategy (Video) 
  7. Financial considerations for women in the equine industry(Video) 

Infosheets on Equine Business by Sean Jones:

COLA: Cost of Living Adjustment

Twenty Things I Learned in the Horse Business

Strategies for re-opening Riding Schools – Mike King, CapriCMW Insurance (interview: 38 mins)


Capri CMW Insurance – Interactive Q & A (presented by the Alberta Equestrian Federation, 54 mins)

FEI Equestrian Business Trends

Horse Nation – 12 things I wish I knew before starting an equine business

Newstyle Digital (US) – 5 Steps to Starting a Successful Equestrian Business

The Coaching Sweet Spot: Balancing Tradition and Science

Stable Management Newsletter

Small Business Simple Marketing Ideas  

Equestrian Canada contact page (coaching program guidelines, etc.)

Improving Horse Grooms’ working lives – what can be done?