Equine Guelph Survey Part of Covid Initiatives for Horse Owners


From adding special online course offerings to updating a Covid-19 resources page daily, Equine Guelph has been responding to industry requests during this difficult time. You can take a survey right now to let them know of any additional courses you would like to take while you are staying home.

Fire & Emergency Preparedness online course from May 4 – 11 (with extended access to June 30) Newly updated with: developing plans for business disruptions, back-up planning and information regarding COVID-19.  Guest speakers: Dr. Rebecca (Gimenez) Husted and Mike King.  This special offering will be available for $60 ($25 savings).  

Great news announced for the May offering of 12-week online courses with Equine Guelph – the Early Bird Rate of $549 will not expire = $50 in savings! (special offer for summer semester 2020).  

The HorsePortal.ca ran an Adult and Youth offering (13-17) of the online offering, Horse Behaviour and Safety with extended access during March and April.

At the end of March, a Free Sickness Prevention course filled to capacity within 24 hours of the announcement. Equine Guelph also offers a free Healthcare Tool – Biosecurity Risk Calculator to help you find out your farm’s biosecurity score.  

Equine Guelph is thinking of adding more online short course offerings to help horse-people out while they are staying home. What courses would you like to take?  One-minute survey.