Horse Health Check Tool

Stop, Caution, Go
horse with parts labeled

The Horse Health Check is an important health assessment tool for horses. 

Learn how to check your horse’s physical condition and flag abnormalities – illness, injury or fatigue. 

This 16-point systematic examination from Equine Guelph is quick, easy and extremely useful in the day-to-day management of your horse.

Please note:  Many potentially serious conditions can be picked up at an early stage by this simple series of tests.  However, this information provides guidelines only and should never replace information from your veterinarian. Remember to always be cautious about safety when working around your horse. Talk to your vet about how to stay safe while you are performing the Horse Health Check. Have someone hold your horse during the assessment whenever possible, or the horse should be tied or in cross ties to maximize your safety.

Perform Exam

  • Weekly
  • Before and after competition or travel
  • When a horse simply “ain’t doin’ right”!


  • Stethoscope
  • Watch (capable of indicating seconds)
  • Thermometer

Check to see if your
horse is doin’ right!

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Equine Guelph thanks Gayle Ecker and Dr. Art King for developing
the Horse Health Check examination method.