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The Healthy Horse: Understanding the Role of Equine Digestion & Nutrition Webinar

Take a journey through the horse’s digestive system in a one hour free webinar .  Equine Guelph’s life size model of the digestive system will be featured so participants can identify what the entire tract looks like, how it works, and what this means for feeding horses. This interactive webinar will help viewers understand strategies and guidelines for feeding the horse that can help meet the needs of their digestive system and prevent digestive issues.  Equine Guelph thanks our host and sponsor, Trouw Nutrition Canada, for making this event possible.

When: TBD Winter 2022

Cost: FREE!

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Presented by: Equine Guelph and Trouw Nutrition Canada

Past Webinars:

Equine Financial Futures

2020 is a year the equine industry would like to flush away, along with all the unexpected business restrictions and financial challenges. First wave, second wave and now a tidal wave of online information is inundating your inbox, but there is a free webinar series you are going to want to watch. Equine Guelph and Sean Jones from Sun Life Financial, in partnership with Ontario Equestrian, have created a seven-part webinar series on business management for equine facility owners. Financial planning is always important to ensure there is enough green in your bank account to look after your green acres and horse business. If you run a horse farm or equine business, navigating ongoing challenges and future finances are top of mind.

Meet our Webinar Host!

Sean Jones is not only an advisor for Sun Life Financial, he is also an avid equestrian and past facility owner. He understands the challenges equine professionals face. Sean’s role at Sun Life involves advising and educating clients on all aspects of financial planning including owning a home, starting a family, education planning, managing your career and preparing for retirement. Sean develops economical, efficient and client-driven plans that are manageable and tailored to meet individual goals.

Equine Financial Futures Webinars:

  1. Creating Your Financial Roadmap (Video)
  2. Five steps to boost your financial health now (Video)
  3. Balancing your financials and understanding debt (Video)
  4. Your health AND wealth – how they correlate for your business (Video)
  5. Building wealth – investing in yourself and your business (Video)
  6. Advanced retirement income – planning your exit strategy (Video)
  7. Financial considerations for women in the equine industry (Video)

Congratulations go out to the draw winner Megan Malone!
The partners of this webinar series put together a prize package including: an online HorsePortal.ca short course, an Ogilvy saddle pad (jumper or dressage) and hat from Ontario Equestrian plus a baseline financial plan developed by Sean Jones of Sun Life

Equine Financial Futures Webinars brought to you courtesy of:

More Webinar Replays:

Looking for 5th Annual Equine Industry Symposium replays from Nov 16 – 20, 2020? They are archived on TheHorsePortal.ca conference page.

The following webinar replays feature Open Learning and Educational Support interviews with Equine Guelph instructors and Guest speakers on their areas of expertise:

Six Steps to Better Horse Pasture Management.  Presenter – Paul Sharpe 

Online Coaching: Getting Started with Virtual Coaching and Training.       Presenter – Tracy Dopko 

Why Your Horse Does the Things He Does.     Presenter – Shawna Karrasch 

Manure Happens: Manure Management and Composting.    Presenter – Shannon Stephens 

An Introduction to How Horses Learn.  Presenter – Zoë Thorbergson