Equine Guelph adheres to the University’s Policy on the Release of Student Information. This policy outlines the procedures followed by Equine Guelph with respect to personal information obtained from registered and prospective students.

Student Information
Equine Guelph collects the following information:

Current and prospective student biographical information including name, address, employer, employee number, email, and contact information, Student enrolment activities and related grades/marks, Student financial and payment information, including credit card numbers, bank accounts and financial status. Activities within the online learning environment, including discussions, marks, assignments and quizzes, and the completion of online surveys.
This information is collected in writing, as well as verbally and electronically.

Purpose, Access and Disclosure
The above information is collected as necessary to provide the academic services of Equine Guelph.

Access to student and course enrolment information is limited to officers of the University who require the information in order to perform the duties of their position.

Disclosure to third parties will only occur under one or more of the following conditions:

  • Upon written request of the student
  • In the event of an emergency
  • Upon the presentation of a court order (to be released to a police officer or officer of the court)
  • For the collection of Equine Guelph’s outstanding accounts (to be released to collection agencies)
  • For the promotion of Equine Guelph’s activities to former, current and prospective students*

*Equine Guelph requires that any mailing agencies used in the distribution of promotional materials and information comply with both the University’s privacy guidelines and Equine Guelph’s Privacy Policy.

Individuals who do not wish to receive promotional material or information relating to the academic activities of Equine Guelph can email our main office or phone us at 519-824-4120, ext 54205 to be removed from the list.