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20th Anniversary Feature with Alumni Holly Heartz

Alumni, Holly Heartz has a real appreciation for horse behaviour and the prevention of stereotypies thanks to Equine Guelph’s online 12-week courses. Of great interest was learning what causes stereotypies in horses. The following downloadable information sheet examines what causes sterotypies and how they can be prevented through implementing best stable management practices.

Ruth Benns drawing of Equine Skeleton

A New Approach for Treating Kissing Spine

Overriding Spinous Process, otherwise known as Kissing Spine can cause back pain and poor performance, especially when two or more vertebrae touch or overlap. Assistant Professor Dr. Nathalie Cote in the department of Large Animal Surgery at Ontario Veterinary College recently presented a new less invasive surgical approach to treat this issue that is showing…

Equine Industry Symposium 2023

“Saddle up for Stable Solutions at Equine Symposium”  Do you manage an equine facility? Do you struggle with business decisions or finding qualified staff? Join University of Guelph equine management faculty and students at the 8th annual Equine Industry Symposium. This year’s symposium will explore business and employment awareness to provide critical solutions on how…

Free Online Racing-Exclusive Courses Back for Winter 2024!

Thanks to Equine Guelph’s incredible racing industry education partners, Equine Guelph will host three racing-exclusive online courses again on TheHorsePortal.ca in the winter of 2024. With funding from Central Ontario Standardbred Association, Ontario Racing and Standardbred Canada, these short courses will be available free (value $95) for AGCO licensees and Standardbred Canada members. “Racehorses are…

Horse loading into trailer with safety gear. Photo Credit: Linda Shantz

Become Roadworthy with the Horse Trailer Safety Online Course at TheHorsePortal.ca

Hauling a horse trailer is a steep learning curve if your experience is limited to coordinating just four wheels and not putting thousands of pounds behind your vehicle.  The consequences of having the wrong tow package, insufficient towing vehicle or missing a safety step while getting hitched can be dire for the precious cargo and…