Horse Racing Partners

In a 2016 Equine Guelph survey, over 70% of the racing industry agreed that the industry would benefit from education/training opportunities for grooms and trainers. As a result, Equine Guelph developed The Horse Portal to deliver flexible, practical online short courses for trainers and grooms in the racing industry. The courses feature well-respected experts from the racing industry and include community discussions and chat forums.

Racehorses are elite athletes required to perform at high levels of exertion while facing unique environmental and nutritional challenges. Equine Guelph’s short course will help caregivers address major healthcare issues. These common sense online programs will help you and your horses perform at their best!

*NEW: Racing in Ontario: Online Training Pilot Project – Free

In 2019-20, Equine Guelph will deliver FREE online training to the Ontario Horse Racing Industry. These free online short courses will provide a common sense, practical and flexible approach to training in subject areas critical to racehorse health and performance.

Horse Racing Alberta – 15% Discount

Horse Racing Alberta (HRA), is a private not-for-profit corporation that was established with the Alberta Governments proclamation of the Racing Corporation Act in 1996.

The HRA was established to lead a racing industry renewal and to manage industry self-regulation.

Ontario Racing – 15% Discount

Ontario Racing is a non-profit association that represents the horse racing industry to the public, industry partners and government. Ontario Racing is recognized by the provincial government as the authority for horse racing in Ontario.

Ontario Racing is pleased to support the racing industry through its partnership with Equine Guelph on new training programs offered to trainers and grooms on The Horse Portal.