Central Ontario Standardbred Association

The Central Ontario Standardbred Association (COSA) officially came into being on June 30, 2009. COSA is a not-for-profit association and operates with a 10 person Board of Directors who represent the interests of horsepeople racing at Ontario racetracks.

COSA is pleased to support the racing industry through its partnership with Equine Guelph on new training programs offered to trainers and grooms on The Horse Portal.

A Partnership in Training:

The Central Ontario Standardbred Association (COSA) is partnering with Equine Guelph to deliver short, easily-accessible online training programs to owners, breeders, trainers, grooms and drivers across Canada. These courses will provide a practical, common-sense approach to online learning and provide the latest information and education on equine welfare, safety and performance.


Thanks to our incredible racing industry education partners, Equine Guelph will host two racing-exclusive short courses on TheHorsePortal.ca in winter of 2025 – FREE for AGCO licensees and Standardbred Canada members! (value $95).

    • Racehorse Respiratory Health (Jan 27 – Feb 7) 
    • Racehorse Gut Health & Ulcer/Colic Prevention (Feb 24 – Mar 7)

These courses are sponsored by: Central Ontario Standardbred Association, HBPA of Ontario, Ontario Racing, and Standardbred Canada!


  • (If you already have a Horse Portal account, log in using your user name and password)
  • Visit the course page for Racehorse Respiratory Health or Racehorse Gut Health & Ulcer/ Colic Prevention
  • Click “Register Now”, then under “FREE for AGCO Licensees & SC Members!” click “Enroll”
  • On the registration page, fill in the required fields, then under “Order Summary”, click “Have a Coupon Code?” and enter the appropriate coupon code
    • For Racehorse Respiratory Health, enter RespiratoryHealth2025
    • For Racehorse Gut Health & Colic Prevention, enter GutHealth2025
  • Click “Apply coupon” – this will bring the course cost down to zero
  • Agree to the terms and conditions, and click “Continue” – you are now registered for the course!

In the week prior to the beginning of the course, you will receive a welcome email from TheHorsePortal.ca with more information

Space is limited – Register Today!


Applies to all short online courses.


  1. Visit the course page for the online short course you are interested in
  2. Please register using the General Enrollment option at the bottom of the page
  3. On the registration page, under “Have a Coupon?”, enter COSAdiscount15
  4. Click Apply Coupon to receive your 15% discount

What Central Ontario Standardbred Association members are saying about our courses:

“I didn’t know what to expect when I signed up for this course. Having been around standardbred racehorses most of my life I thought I knew a great deal about this subject but I was surprised there was so much more to learn. I highly recommend taking this course.”

Frank Reid – Standardbred Owner (Lasalle, ON)
Student – Racehorse Respiratory Health