International Organizations

The Horse Portal was developed by Equine Guelph, a pioneer in online equine education. Our programs have delivered education and training to English-speaking horse enthusiasts from over 40 countries. Equine Guelph is a Centre at the University of Guelph which is also home to the world-renowned Ontario Veterinary College – the oldest veterinary college in North America – and is located in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. We invite horse lovers from around the world to learn with us!

Equine Connection

Equine Connection offers a global certification course in Equine Assisted Learning. This unique business training works with horses in a completely different way to help people! Equine Assisted Learning positively impacts people’s lives through working through objectively driven programs while keeping the welfare of the horse at the base of all training.

Saddle Up Safely

Saddle Up Safely is a rider safety awareness program sponsored by University of Kentucky HealthCare, UK College of Agriculture, and many community organizations. Through Saddle Up Safely, UK HealthCare seeks to educate current and future riders about the simple steps that can be taken to prevent accidents.