Infosheets & Graphics

Equine Guelph has an extensive inventory of online resources – including infosheets and infographics on topics ranging from horse healthcare to business management to safety on the horse farm. These resources are organized by category and are available in a printable pdf format for your convenience.

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Biosecurity/Sickness Prevention/Diseases

Biosecurity Education and TrainingPDF
Cleaning TipsPDF
Creating a Farm-Specific Access PlanPDF
Equine Biosecurity and Access ManagementPDF
Equine Herpes MyeloencephalopathyPDF
Facility Design with Biosecurity in MindPDF
Hand HygienePDF
National Farm and Facility Level Biosecurity Standard for the Equine SectorPDF
Protect Your Horse from Getting Sick PDF
Sickness Prevention ChecklistPDF
Strangles FAQs – NEW!PDF
Ticked Off – Horse CarePDF
Travelling Horse ChecklistPDF
Vaccination (infographic)PDF
What to do if your horse is sick – ChecklistPDF


Annual Horse Expense SheetPDF
Annual Horse Expense SheetXLS


Dentistry DilemmasPDF
Equine DentistryPDF

Emergency Preparedness/Fire Prevention

Emergency PreparednessPDF
Fire Safety ChecklistPDF
Horse Stable Evacuation Plan – 4 Options (infographic):PDF
i) Barn stall doors open to centre aisle – Option 1 (infographic)PDF
ii) Barn stall doors open to centre aisle – Option 2 (infographic)PDF
iii) Barn stall doors open to outside – Option 1 (infographic)PDF
iv) Barn stall doors open to outside – Option 2 (infographic)PDF
What to do in the event of a fire – ChecklistPDF
NEW! Smoke Inhalation – Protect your horse’s healthPDF

Farm/Pasture Management

Is Your Property Ready for Winter? – ChecklistPDF
Manure Management PDF
Mud Management and HorsesPDF
Mud Management SystemsPDF
Overseeding TipsPDF
Paddock/Pasture SafetyPDF
Pasture ManagementPDF
Pests and FliesPDF
Preparing Fences Before the Freezing TemperaturesPDF

First Aid

First Aid Kit ContentsPDF
Watch for Wounds: Five Things Not To DoPDF

Horse Health

The Horse Health Check: A Systematic Method of ExaminationPDF

Lameness, Injury Prevention, Hoof Care

Arthritis PreventionPDF
Equine Joint DiseasePDF
Hoof CarePDF

Nutrition/Gut Health/Hydration

Body Condition Score – Too FatPDF
Body Condition Score – Too ThinPDF
Colic Prevention Tips (infographic)PDF
Feeding a Forage Based DietPDF
Grazing MuzzlesPDF
Hay – Extending your supplyPDF
Hay Evaluation ActivityPDF
Hey-What do you Know about Hay?PDF
Laminitis – Tips from the CodePDF
Laminitis and NutritionPDF
Nutrition and your senior horsePDF
Nutrition for Performance HorsesPDF
Nutrition myths – AutumnPDF
Nutrition – Overfeeding PDF
Nutrition Right from the StartPDF
Nutrition – What are Macronutrients?PDF
Ration Balancers NEW!PDF
Snow as Water Source?PDF

Ontario Resources

Animal Welfare Emergencies WEB
Biosecurity Standard for the Equine Sector (Canada’s standard)PDF
Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Equines (Canada’s National code)PDF
College of Veterinarians of Ontario – list of veterinariansWEB
Deadstock removalWEB
Find a farrierWEB
OMAFRA Hay analysisWEB
Ontario Equestrian – Riding facilities and boarding stablesPDF

Parasite Control

Parasites – Bots-TapewormsPDF
Parasites – Fecal CollectionPDF

Performance Horse

Conditioning program (infographic)PDF


Defend against Dust (infographic)PDF
Reducing the Risk of Respiratory AilmentsPDF


Helmet Safety: Gotta Horse-Getta Helmet (infographic)PDF
Horse Farm Safety ChecklistPDF

Second Career

Athlete Management-2nd CareerPDF

Senior Horse

Senior Horse ChallengesPDF
Senior Horse ManagementPDF
Senior Horse ResourcesPDF

Skin Diseases

Mud FeverPDF
Skin Diseases and AllergiesPDF

Stable Management

Environmental StewardshipPDF
Picking the Right BlanketPDF


Horse Trailering Safety-Part 1-Decoding Letters and NumbersPDF
Horse Trailering Safety-Part 2-Hitch SystemsPDF
Trailer Safety ChecklistPDF


Change Human Behaviour – Improve Horse WelfarePDF
Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Equines (Canada’s National code)PDF
Equine Learning Theory – NEW!PDF
Equine WelfarePDF
Euthanasia PlanningPDF
Stereotypies – NEW!PDF

Winter Management

Winter Cool DownPDF
Winter Management – Outdoor HorsePDF