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The Place to Remember…Where horse lovers share pictures & memories of passed equine friends.

Equine Guelph pays respect to beloved horses and horse people through its Hoofprints Tribute Program. It is an everlasting way to pay tribute to – and remember – our cherished departed friends.

By dedicating a gift in honour of a loved one, their legacy will live on by helping others through Equine Guelph’s programs.

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Dr. Harry Morrison: 1945-2024

In memory of Dr. Harry A. Morrison (DVM, OVC ’71)

The anatomy of a veterinarian can be difficult to dissect. The oath a veterinarian takes is perhaps one of the most sacred commitments one promises. In a profession that challenges personal sacrifice, skill, emotion, and empathy for owners and their animals, there was none better than Dr. Harry Morrison. To his thousands of patients and owners, he was our hero. He never gave up on an animal that showed a will to fight on. We are forever grateful for his guidance, friendship, wry humor and most importantly, his 50 years of quiet dedication to the rural community he served.

Much loved husband of Sherri Morrison for 45 years. Cherished and respected dad of Trevor and his wife Sharon and Matthew. Most loving Grandfather of Alexa. 

Ed James: 1931 – 2023

Equine Guelph remembers Ed James – a true leader and entrepreneur in the horse industry. Through his company, SSG Gloves, Ed supported Equine Guelph’s youth education programs for 14 years! We have fond memories of him speaking his mind and sharing stories that always ended with a powerful lesson. In tribute to Ed, we will leave you with his words:

“It is critical to engage our youth to ensure a thriving industry for the next generation. Further, it’s our responsibility to teach them how to stay safe.”  – Ed James, Owner, SSG Gloves

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KitKat: 2008-2023

Gimme a break, Gimme a KitKat. KitKat, I have a lot of words to say about you. Your calm and sweet demeanour, your willingness to always learn new things and strive for greatness every time you stepped foot in that arena. You gave me confidence and a set of wings when I needed it. A best friend that would never turn their back on me, and most importantly you taught me how to love. I loved you through the good, the bad and the ugly and in return you did the same for me. You graced everyone that was in your presence with so much love and happiness. You changed my life in so many ways that I will be ever thankful for. On behalf of me and everyone that has known you. I want to say thank you! 

I love you my sweet girl

Honest Ed: 2000-2023

Honest Ed, named in honour of Mr Ed Mirvish, was a Thoroughbred/Clydesdale-cross born in 2000, and served the Toronto Police Service from 2004-2019. The highlight of his career was taking part in 2 inauguration ceremonies of the (former) President of the United States, Barack Obama (2009 & 2013).

Eddie, may you continue to chase the mares in the hills, stumble over your feet to grab that green leaf in passing and rub your head against bodies as a sign of affection. You are loved by so many. We hope you had a beautiful retirement at the Sawgrass Valley Ranch.

With love,
Elizabeth Jeanne le Roux & Beaupre family members, Sergeant McCarthy from the “Toronto Police Service – Mounted Unit” & friends of the “Sawgrass Valley Ranch” (Jaime Heil,  David McMurray and his Clydesdale ErBEN Orman)

Jean Szkotnicki: 1953 – 2023

For those of you who had the pleasure of getting to know Jean Szkotnicki, you will know what a dynamic, sincere and special individual she was. Her contributions to Equine Guelph, as a Council member, and strong supporter and cheerleader will be terribly missed. She was also highly involved in Ontario Equestrian, Equestrian Canada and the Grand River Agricultural Society.

Jean gave her time and energy in so many areas that it is hard to encapsulate the profound contributions she made in her lifetime. Outside the horse industry, she led the Canadian Animal Health Institute for 29 years. Among her many significant accomplishments there were the many regulatory programs in support of the health of animals.

In recognition of her life’s work, the University of Guelph awarded Jean with an honorary doctorate at the University of Guelph.

Ritz: 1987-2022

In loving memory of “Ritz,” who crossed the Rainbow Bridge on September 18, 2022, at the age of 35. Ritz, a sorrel quarter horse with a heart of gold, held many roles in his long life including championship barrel racer, lesson horse, and beloved family member to the Latam family. He faithfully and dutifully carried and cared for his riders, whether in the show circuit, in the lesson ring, or on the trails. He was willing and kind with large, gentle eyes that spoke right to your heart. He was loved by many, and his long and beautiful life is a reflection of the love and care poured upon him by his devoted family each and every day of his life.

It is our wish that in supporting Equine Guelph’s programming, we can pay forward the love and kindness that Ritz provided to so many people in his community, and provide others with opportunities to learn and care for their equine companions as deeply as the Latam family cared for Ritz. May his giving heart live on through this gift to others.

“No Heaven can Heaven be, if my horse isn’t there to welcome me.”Author Unknown.

With love,
The Cornies and Wigfield families

Argyll: 2015-2022

Argyll was a 7 year old Percheron who joined the Hamilton Police Mounted Unit as a 3 year old. He was a bold, smart horse who knew his job and loved to go on patrol. He was a solid mount at any event he attended. He enjoyed the affection of children petting him and stayed calm among crowds in the downtown core or Grey Cup. He was curious, playful and often described as a character.

He will be missed by both his human and equine partners.

Argyll thank you for your service to your community.

Tank: 1996-2021

In memory of Tank – He was a 15.1 hand goofy, stubborn and yet caring Appaloosa who was a big part of the Best-Nikitin family.

He was a fierce protector of his human and equine herd, loved the camera and gave his family his heart.

He will be missed.


Paul Leonard Ariss left us on August 25th, 2021 in his 78th year.

Paul Ariss: 1943-2021

An entrepreneur from an early age, Paul operated his own construction business for 25 years.  Midlife at age 45, he made a courageous decision to change careers – learning the ropes of the Standardbred horse industry from the ground up – with no previous experience with horses!

Paul apprenticed with a stable and his love affair with the harness racing industry began.  He became a successful horse trainer owning his own stable of horses; his specialty was training yearlings. 

Elaine Ariss: 1946-2021

His beloved partner and wife, Elaine, passed away just five months before him on March 12th, 2021 of the same disease.

She carefully mucked out the stalls alongside the giant horses whilst supporting her love, Paul. Their time spent with the horses was filled with hard work, determination, courage, laughter and love –   some of the many qualities that the Ariss’s shared in their beautiful 56 year partnership in life.

From Nancy, Meaghan & Noah

Joshua: 1995-2019

Joshua was born in Kentucky in 1995. He was a registered thoroughbred bred for the track and was gifted to me in 1998 as a 3 year old when he suffered a fractured sesamoid bone. Looking at his glorious grace through the bars of his stall at a trainer’s barn I fell in love.

For over 20 years we shared a love of adventure, hacking in the wild for hours and even braving a horse show or two where we picked up a couple of ribbons in Beginner Hunter Jumper. Not only was he beautiful, he was talented, brave and oh so clever. Joshua held me up on the darkest of days through many life events and I in turn took the best care of him that was humanly possible.

Dear sweet horse, together we soar in harmony, balance and sweetness.

La Dolce Vita my Love

Julie Melton
Toronto, Canada


Rosie (Romantic Ayr) was a 16 year old mare who was with Valerie and Deb for 3 years. She was a very sweet, special horse destined to take Valerie to the next levels of eventing. Her sudden passing has left a huge hole in our hearts. We will be forever grateful for the time we shared and the lessons we learned with Rosie.

From friends at Graestone Equestrian

Photo: Life With Horses Photography

Jack & Sam:
2000-2020 &

In memory of Jack (2000-2020) and his full brother Sam (2001-2020), loving companions of 19 years to Warren and  Diane Perry, of Rockland, ME.

Our daughter loved feeding them sliced apple snacks almost as much as they loved getting them. And Warren seemed to have an endless supply of them in his pockets.

Our family vacations to Rockland were never complete until we stopped by to visit with them.

We share in the sorrow of losing such wonderful friends and cherish their memory. 

From The Kelemen-Gould  Family


In memory of Dillon, he had a gentle soul & was my heart horse. Even though I only had you for 6 months, I’ll cherish every memory.

I love you and I’ll see you at the rainbow bridge. ❤️

Jamie Newton



1987 – 2018

It’s hard to find your true first horse. I’ve been through a couple horses that didn’t quite fit and finally bought a 20 year old standardbred x quarterhorse named Raven. Raven was my dream come true. She was gentle, safe, reliable and sensible. She had a gentle soul that you don’t come across often. She was my first show horse and we competed in gaming. I have thrown so many little kids on her and I even thrown elderly on her too – she took care of them like an angel! I rode her down to my friends house, went on trail rides all around our neighbourhood and I even raced her down the road alongside my dad in his van (clicked in at 55kph).

Raven was a beautiful horse (inside and out) and I trusted her. I knew, and even my parents knew, that wherever I went with her, I would be safe. There was no new experience that scared her. She was brave and she took care of her rider. She stole my heart and I loved her deeply. She was 31 years old when she passed yet even in her last moments, she has a young spark in her eye. My farm has changed without her and it will never be the same.

Vasco E.

He touched many lives along his way and was loved by many.

After being imported from Holland, he enjoyed a successful career in ParaDressage, competing on the Canadian ParaDressage Team in both 2012 and 2013.

He then moved on to become the beloved partner of Jeanette Levine and together they successfully moved up the levels from Third level to FEI Intermediare, winning ribbons and championships in both Ontario and Florida.

He was beautiful and kind. A confidence builder and a true competitor. A talented gentleman with a gentle soul. He was Jeanette’s “ Once in a Lifetime” horse and will be forever missed.

1990 – 2016

Beloved companion of 23 years to Jim, Joan, Ben and Kaitie, resting gently atop the hill.

“..he trots the air; the earth sings when he touches it; the basest horn of his hoof is more musical than the pipe of Hermes…he is pure air and fire; and the dull elements of earth and water never appear in him, but only in patient stillness while his rider mounts him: he is indeed a horse…”

– W. Shakespeare

c. 1976 – 2016


In memory to Chewie.

Beloved equine companion of Michele and Joe.



June 1986 – April 2016

In memory of Farewell’s Trinket, beloved pony of Natalie Intven.

After 20 years of magical friendship, with happy days of training, showing, trail riding, and quiet moments together in the pasture, we say goodbye to this sweet girl. Trinket was a gentle soul with a big heart, who taught so much about partnership, trust, aging gracefully, and most of all love.

She now rests peacefully on the Intven farm under the walnut tree with her pasture buddies Saara, Thunder, and Cameo.

A most magnificent animal loved by all who knew her. She will be very dearly missed.

“In the steady gaze of the horse shines a silent eloquence that speaks of love and loyalty, strength and courage.” Unknown

May 1992 – January 2016

Trooper, keeper of secrets, taken too quickly on January 20, 2016. Faithful soul to Carrie for 17 of his 24 years, he whispered in her ear and breathed on her heart.

An accomplished show horse, Trooper found his contentment on the trails and with his herd – his mare Lark, and companions TsiGa and Apollo.

Laid to rest by the women of the barn, under the big cedar.

“When the Almighty put hoofs on the wind and a bridle on lightning, he called it a horse.”

The Ontario Veterinary College and Equine Guelph extends sincere condolences to the owners of Classy Lane Stables and all trainers and owners who housed horses at this facility.

More than 40 horses perished in a fire last evening at one of the barns at Classy Lane Stables, in Puslinch.

“We’re saddened by the devastating fire last evening at Classy Lane Stables and the horses who lost their lives in this blaze,” says Ontario Veterinary College Dean Jeffrey Wichtel. “This is an immense loss to the horse-racing community. Our thoughts are with the owners, trainers, and everyone associated with the stables.”

“Our sincere condolences go out to those who have lost their horses, and all who have been affected by this tragedy, says Gayle Ecker, Director of Equine Guelph. “The owners of Classy Lane, along with Ben Wallace and several other trainers there have been so supportive of the programs of Equine Guelph and we are sorry to hear of their loss.”

Pilgrims Journey

In memory of Pilgrims Journey,

Although your journey was tragically cut short, you were truly adored and taken care of with such love and compassion.

You never needed any restraint save for your owner’s reassuring embrace. You will forever be missed by beloved owner/trainer Joe Ruffolo.

From Rojman Equine Mobile Veterinary Services



Jesse was a 20 year old Canadian who represented the breed by being distinctively beautiful and sweet. She stood proud at the best of times and was always a pleasure to visit at the barn. She will be greatly missed by all her barn friends especially her pasture buddies, Hannah, Porscha and Nicole.

I was first introduced to the Canadian Horse when I met Rose 7 years ago at a local fair. I was intrigued by the horses beauty and historical background. I am pleased that the horses became part of my life and thank my good friend Rose for allowing me to be part of sharing their heritage to the public by traveling with her to local fairs.

She will be greatly missed by her owners Rose and Gary Cook. Thank you Rose for allowing Jesse to be part of my life.

A beautiful and loving horse.

Laura Spies


My family purchased Reeva as a 4 year old, and she became a valued member of the Benson family immediately. Known affectionately as “Pumpkin” (due to her chestnut colouring) or simply “Reeva-Horse”, she was a sweetheart – always trying her best to please her human friends. Reeva was trained as a Western Pleasure horse, but when I decided that I wanted to Event – she learned dressage and jumping and competed successfully up to Training level as an Eventer. Reeva loved to swim in the lake, long hacks in the woods and lots of cuddles, nuzzles and treats in her stall.

As Reeva began to age, her vets and her dentist always commented on what a “tough mare” she was – fighting through the trials of her aging body for her pure joy of living. At the age of 26, Reeva passed away, joining her good friend Rosie (Skipper’s Rosita) over the Rainbow Bridge.

Reeva will never be forgotten – she will be remembered for her kind eyes, her courageous heart and her iron will. Until we meet again, I’ll spend many hours daydreaming that we are once again running and jumping and playing together – as there is truly no greater happiness than the love of a horse.

Adrienne Benson

Unknown – Apr.26, 2012

Timmy was a cute little pony and just as kind. His rider, 4 year old Calen, was his best friend. When Timmy went into liver failure his loyal friend Calen sat with him as he slowly went to sleep patting and kissing him. Then she brushed him so he would look pretty for his new home. Calen is amazing, just like Timmy was. They were a great team.

Timmy will be missed by Calen, Brittney, and Kyle, Calen’s Mom and Dad who equally loved Timmy.

We take solace knowing Timmy is now running pain free at Rainbow Bridge waiting for his family, Calen, Brittney, and Kyle.

In memory of Onyx, the beautiful, gentle giant.

We miss him.

From the boarders at the barn.


unknown – 2011

In loving memory of the horse with a spirit so strong and kind that it could only be matched by his guardian angel Allie, with whom he lived his last days happily.

We know you will always watch over Allie with a love equal to what she has given you.

From all your friends

Rosalie Logan

Equine Guelph pays tribute to Rosalie Logan.  Rosalie was a noted horsewoman in life and continued to share her love of the horse even after she passed away.  Rosalie’s family made a generous memorial contribution to Equine Guelph which made possible a new workshop, Integrative Therapies, in 2011.  This evening resulted in a full house of eager horse owners in an Ontario Veterinary College lecture hall. 

Rosalie believed an ounce of prevention was worth a pound of cure, and Equine Guelph was pleased to facilitate this workshop and honour the memory of Rosalie. 

The Team at Equine Guelph

Honey Bun
c. 1980 to 2011

In memory of our Honey, sweet to the end, who died peacefully on Saturday night June 4, 2011. Michaela and Carrie sat with her in the cozy nest of hay reflecting on the gift Honey has been in our lives. Honey shared her gentle, patient, sometimes mischievous self with us for 19 years! It is quite an adjustment to get used to her absence as she was our “Eveready Bunny” matriarch. We are so grateful that she came into our lives.

Honey is buried on the Feilders’ farm just behind the pond with a great view of hay fields and sunset. An oak tree will be planted over her grave which is sure to grow into a strong and giving tree.

From all those who knew her, especially Carrie, Michaela, Briagh and Tyler


Indy was the most amazing horse you could ever own. He was extremely gentle; he was so sweet and with him I learned to trust horses again after a very bad fall. He gave me back my confidence.

With him I felt like I could win all the ribbons and all the trophies, no matter what people said about him being half draft. He was mine, my love and I miss him so much. What hurts the most is that I didn’t even get to say goodbye.

It started with a colic and it finished with an intestinal ulcer. They put him to sleep one morning and they told me he was amazing because considering how much suffering he had gone through, he had never shown it until the very end.

He will always be in my heart… I love you Indy.

Catherine Georges

Senors Joker Chip
1986 – 2009

Sorpresa De Lambpaso
1988 – 2009

I’ll Miss…

My sweet little mare, I’ll miss your soft nicker,
My honest old man, I’ll miss the confidence we shared.
I open the stable, And call out your names,
My heart shrivels up ‘cause you are not there.
I’ll miss dainty Sorpresa; of you I was so fond,
With trust and respect, We shared a real bond.
Joker, I’ll miss leaning on your shoulder, When I’m feeling down
I’ll miss watching you gallop, And acting the clown.
When grooming smooth, silky coats, I’ll miss your funny faces,
‘Cause I find and I scratch, Those hard to reach places.
When you’re looking for treats, I’ll miss velvety muzzles,
And you checking me out with inquisitive nuzzles.
The Lord knows I need you and he’ll keep you in clover,
So I can be with you when my time here is over.
So wait for me Stormy, Smokey, Star and my Pals,
Have patience old Joker, Sorpresa as well.
Just munch on your timothy, and snack on your grain,
We’ll all be together again, Then…
We’ll jog and we’ll trot and we’ll corto,
Down happy trails again

Linda Atkinson

1967 – 1994

Tony was that once-in-a lifetime horse for me. He was a Morab stallion, and I spoiled him terribly, because he was so gentle it didn’t matter. He had been raised and trained right, and he loved people and trusted them to take care of him — and he took care of people, too.

I was his favorite person, though, and when we were together, life was perfect for both of us. A stable owner once told me that Tony’s whinny was different when I was with him, and I knew what she meant. I’d heard him whinny when he didn’t know I was around, and it was just a whinny. When I was with him, though, his whinny said “My person is here, and we’re ready to take on the world!”

We were two halves of a whole, and no other horse will ever fill the void he left in my heart when he died. I still miss him so very, very much. I love you, Tony. You will always be in my thoughts. You were such a special horse.

Wendy Koch

Somewhere in time’s own space; There must be some sweet pastured place

Where creeks sing on and tall trees grow. Some paradise where horses go.” – Stanley Harrison

1950 – 1978

Sometimes, someone says something about your horse that sticks in your mind, because it is so true. A groom once called Triste the most “dutiful” horse he’d ever seen, and he was right on the money. She had a hard life before I bought her, so she didn’t like people much, but I was her special friend. Other people couldn’t catch her even in her stall — even with treats — but for me, she came whenever I called her.

I never quite got her over being nervous when she was being ridden, so she was often on the verge of running away, but she tried very hard to do whatever I asked of her. She was my first horse and my first pet horse, and I loved her dearly. She worked very hard for most of her life, and she deserved better than the harsh treatment she’d clearly endured, but now she is finally resting in peace. I love you, Triste.

Wendy Koch

The horse through all its trials has preserved the sweetness of paradise in its blood.– Johannes Jensen

Pal’s Beau Jacque
1973 – 2009

He was an A.Q.H.A. Superior Trail Horse who earned a total of 237 American Quarter Horse Association points in multiple performance and halter events during his show career. ‘Jacque‘ retired in 1989 and had a wonderful 20 years of retirement. He brought out the best in everyone and had many friends.

Mere words cannot convey how special he was, and with how much heart he approached everything. In 2004 at age 30, Jacque had eye surgery at the University of Guelph. Thanks to everyone there, and the wonderful care he received, we had an extra 5-1/2 wonderful years together.

Jacque was proudly owned, and will always be cherished and sadly missed.

Heather Heighes

Think of him as living in the hearts of those he touched… for nothing loved is ever lost – and he was loved so much.” – E. Brenneman

1978 – 2008

Jesse‘ was a spunky 29-1/2 years young TB with a huge heart full of love that he shared with me. I had to say goodbye to him on June 26th of this year when he developed tumours in his jaw.

I would like to honour his memory.

Janice Rodgers


Pokey Sweet Clover
1975 – 2003

Clover was a sweetheart. He loved to give kisses. He would wiggle his nose on your cheek and if you turned around he would massage the back of your neck. It felt wonderful!!! Clover was a sensible horse and he always brought me back to the barn safe and sound.

He holds a special place in my heart and I sorely miss him.

Joanne Ott

1978 – 2009

I know how much you miss me.  
Don’t cry for me…My spirit is near.
I’m watching over you from the other side.
I’m running with new friends by my side and waiting for you.
Smile at my memory and remember in your heart.

Sandy Warmington