Senior Horse Challenge Tool

Proper management can prove the golden rule to ensuring your aging horse remains happy and comfortable into the golden years.

Keeping a horse comfortable in their senior years requires an attentive caretaker backed by a knowledgeable team.

Please note: It is important to seek the input from your veterinarian and farrier to help maintain the health of an elderly equine and to spot conditions that will need special treatment sooner rather than later. Recognizing changes and not just dismissing them as “old age setting in” is a large part of the responsibility assumed when taking care of the senior horse.

Take the Senior Horse Challenge!

Test your knowledge on aging horses in this 5-minute, 20-question quiz.

Top 6 Health Concerns for Senior Horses

Pain Recognition

“Freedom from pain …” is one of the five freedoms in animal welfare.

Is your senior horse in pain? Can you recognize the signs? Is it severe?

End of Life

When is it time to say good-bye to my senior horse? Can I allow my horse to continue suffering? Am I considering quality of life or merely the prolonging of life?

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