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Howdy, and welcome to EquiMania! Online for Kids at the Horse Portal!   Learn more about horses and how to keep yourself safe on the horse farm with these fun games and activities!

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Since 2005, EquiMania! has been featured at equine trade shows, agricultural fairs, racetracks, entertainment venues and equine competitions including the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games in Kentucky and the annual Minnesota State Fair.

January’s Activity of the Month: The Horse Health Check!

Horse Health Check Poster

Previous Month’s Activities:

December: The Digestive Tract!

November: Digestive Tract Anatomy

October: Forage Needs Calculator

September: Let’s Learn Anatomy!

August: Enter the Blanket Centre!

July: Domestication Timeline

June: Interactive Horse Anatomy

May: What is a Horse?

April: Body Condition Scoring

March: The Tale of the Teeth

February: A Timeline of Equine Evolution

Safety Activities:                    


STOP, THINK, ACT – Can you pick the safe choice?


DANGER DETECTIVE – Can you spot the dangers?

Learning about Horses:

EquiMania! Challenge!

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