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EquiMania Activities!

EquiMania Colouring Book (pdf)

The Five Freedoms for the Horse (pdf)

How well do you know your equids?

Do you know the difference? Match Game

Equine Who and What Facts – Crossword (Answer Key)

Can you complete the Farrier Tools Crossword? (Answer Key)

Horse Word Search!

February’s Activity of the Month: Domestication Timeline!

Cave painting of horse

Previous Month’s Activities

January – Horse Health Check

December: Holiday Colouring Book

November: Forage Needs Calculator

October: Horse Blanket Centre

September: Digestive Anatomy

August: The Plant ID game

July: How do Horses See?

June: A Horse’s Sense of Hearing

May: What is a horse?

April – Body Condition Scoring

March – Tale of the Teeth

Safety Activities:                    


STOP, THINK, ACT – Can you pick the safe choice?


DANGER DETECTIVE – Can you spot the dangers?

Learning about Horses:

EquiMania! Challenge!

More Resources!