Danger Detective Safety Activities (ages 8-13)

Be a Danger Detective!

Danger DetectiveHey kids!  Do you want to learn everything you can about being safe around horses and on a horse farm?  Between kids, horses, fences, stalls, and tractors, there are a lot of possible ways for horses and people to get hurt on a horse farm. You might ask, “If horse farms are so dangerous, why do people ride horses?”  Horses and horse farms really aren’t bad, but sometimes people forget how to respect horses and equipment and how to follow basic safety rules.

Most farm accidents can be prevented by being careful in the stable and around horses.  It is really important to learn how to stay safe and have fun so that you can enjoy riding and working with horses.

So Detectives, get out your magnifying glasses and let’s investigate the safety practices on this horse farm!

Online Safety Activities!  (activities work best on Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer)

Hazards in the Horse's House!Learn to Speak HorseUnsafe RiderDozen Dangers

Printable Safety Activities!  

Click the black and white images below to open Danger Detective word searches, puzzles, and other horse safety games!  When you finish all the activities, you can print off and sign the certificate that proves you’re a genuine Danger Detective!

Spot the Differences Case of the Reckless Rider Helmet Safety Quiz

Farm Machinery Safety Safety Secret Code
Tractor Safety IQ Spot the Barn Hazards First Aid Word Search  A Dozen Dangers


Learn more with these Safety Videos!


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