HHC Visual Summary | Poster

Check out the Horse Health Check at a Glance!

Equine Guelph developed a resource for easy reference and a bird’s-eye view on all 16 assessment points of the Horse Health Check. The laminated HHC poster is available for sale from Equine Guelph (see ordering info below) or use this digital version to assist you as you perform the HHC on your horse!

Order Your HHC Barn Poster

Equine Guelph’s Horse Health Check poster is an indispensable tool for any horse owner who wants to give the best possible care to their horse.

This handy reference tool provides a quick and easy 16-point systematic method to check vitals, figure out normal baselines and alert you when potential health problems are brewing.

The laminated Horse Health Check poster (20″ X 25″) is perfect for posting on a stable wall!

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Cost: $9.99 (CDN) plus shipping & handling

Contact: horses@uoguelph.ca