Racehorse Gut Health & Ulcer/Colic Prevention Course Next in Winter Online Learning Series!

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Equine Guelph has partnered with Ontario Racing, Standardbred Canada and Central Ontario Standardbred Association to offer three online courses in Winter of 2023 in priority healthcare areas of lameness, respiratory and gut health. Sponsored by Ontario Racing, the Racehorse Gut Health & Ulcer/Colic Prevention course  is the second course following hot on the heels of the lameness prevention course offering.

The two-week online short course, developed specifically for the horse racing industry, will be offered from February 27 – March 10, 2023 and will be available FREE (value of $95) to the first 100 AGCO licence holders and/or Standardbred Canada members who enroll.

This year, new content on stomach ulcers has been added to the course which will be of particular interest to racehorse trainers and care takers.  Gastric ulcers are under diagnosed but certainly not uncommon in horses, particularly racehorses (with incidence reports ranging from upwards of 60 – 90 %).

Last year’s 2022 offering of the course quickly filled to capacity and received glowing reviews from the students:

“I have learned a lot by taking this course. I am grateful and appreciate The Horse Portal and Equine Guelph in developing and offering this course. I now have a better understanding of what to look for and ways to prevent colic in my horse. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who owns or cares for horses!”

“FANTASTIC COURSE!!! I’ve already shared my sentiments with a few Woodbine staff members and others in the backstretch. Highly recommended! Thank you so much for offering it!”

Dr. Nicole Weidner
Dr. Nicole Weidner, Instructor, Racehorse Gut Health & Ulcer/Colic Prevention Course

Course participants learn how to detect early signs of colic, assess management plans and develop preventative strategies.  They will be able to identify risk factors and understand different types of colic and gastro-intestinal issues including ulcers.

Dr. Weidner completed an MSc and PhD in animal nutrition at the Ontario Veterinary College. Her research examined links between nutrition and disease in animals.  She’s worked as a guest lecturer and instructor in courses offered through the University of Guelph and has also been involved in the development of courses and educational tools. She’s interested in scientific outreach and communication, especially when it’s related to horse nutrition, health and/or welfare.

Dr. Nicole Weidner will act as course instructor and Dr. Luis Arroyo will be on-hand in week two as guest expert. 

Dr. Luis Arroyo
Dr. Luis Arroyo, Guest Expert, Racehorse Gut Health & Ulcer/Colic Prevention Course

Weidner will be joined by guest expert, Dr. Luis Arroyo, Associate Professor at the Ontario Veterinary College. Arroyo is a large animal medicine specialist in the Department of Clinical Studies. Among other things, he studies structural and functional damage to pulmonary vasculature in racehorses.  He has studied conditions such as exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage (EIPH); bleeding into the airways while performing intense exercise.

Weidner and Arroyo will be discussing common causes of gut health issues and recent research updates for racehorses as well as early detection and prevention.  You will also learn about the practical ways you can reduce your colic risk, best practices for detecting GI issues, how to manage an afflicted horse and the latest research.

Weidner and Arroyo will also be joined by Industry Ambassadors, Ruleen Lilley and Renée Kierans, who will be on-hand as peer helpers to assist students and ask questions on hot topics.

In the 2017 Ontario Horse Racing Industry Survey conducted by Equine Guelph, ‘colic and gut issues’ was ranked the number as one of the top three health issues of concern.

“Gut issues are ranked as a top three health issue in the Ontario racing industry and we are pleased to make the free course available to trainers and grooms keen on learning about how to reduce the risk through management,” says Gordon Thain, Executive Director. “Ontario Racing is committed to keeping the racing industry up-to-date on the latest information and education in regard to equine welfare, safety and performance.”

Trainers, Grooms, Owners – Sign up now for the free Racehorse Gut Health & Ulcer/Colic Prevention starting February 27. Help your racehorses reach their full potential. For those who have never taken an online course before, no prior online learning experience is required. Limited registrations available.  Be sure to hold the dates and register now for these two-week racing-exclusive online courses! 

Racehorse Gut Health & Ulcer/Colic Prevention:  February 27 – March 10 

Racehorse Respiratory Health:  March 20-31, 2023 

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