Horse Portal Opens Course to Youth for Free

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Sickness Prevention for Horses Begins with You!

We all cough into our elbow to try to keep our germs to ourselves and we stay at home when unwell, but what if you are a horse? course for Sickness Prevention in Horses is coming up faster than event season (and fly season)! For this March 20 – 31 offering the course will be open to the grass roots of the equine industry for FREE – Equine Guelph is helping teenagers (14 – 17) to learn good habits to keep horses from getting sick.

Healthy habits to hinder disease are easier than you think.

Spring is prime time for everyone to clean the barn, schedule vaccinations and plan upcoming outings with their horses.  Don’t let disease thwart those careful preparations.  Protecting the health of your horse is easy with Equine Guelph’s Sickness Prevention in Horses online short course offered on

Just in time for spring cleaning, you will learn the difference between cleaning and disinfecting and what should be done before a new horse occupies a stall.  You will learn best practices for cleaning the wash stall that everyone uses and how to disinfect those items you just purchased at a tack swap.  Biosecurity tips for trailering your horse will be covered as well as vaccinations, reducing fly breeding grounds and other practical tips to defend herd health.

You will learn about disease prevention and procedures vets and horse owners follow when faced with a diagnosis of disease such as Herpes virus.  Based on the Canadian standard for equine biosecurity, and kindly sponsored by Zoetis, the Sickness Prevention in Horses short online course breaks down important information into easy, practical tips you can use right away.

Registration is available for adults for $95 at and for a limited time teens (14 – 17) register free.  Maintaining health is everyone’s responsibility. 

Register today for Sickness Prevention in Horses offered Mar 20 – 31, 2023!