Positive Reinforcement

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Equine Guelph 20th Anniversary Special Feature

Licensed Driving Coach and retired science teacher, Gillian Allan has plenty of positive things to say about Equine Guelph’s online 12-week courses. She has taken them all!

During what is now Equine Guelph’s 20th anniversary year of offering award-winning online courses for the horse industry, a monthly showcase of Alumni explaining how the 12-week courses have helped with their equine pursuits will be featured.

“The courses and the knowledge will pay back your tuition in spades because you will have healthier horses,” says Allan  “You will see your veterinarian for fewer emergency situations because of better management going on in your barn. Your horses will be happier and they’ll have a longer and more stress free life when you take Equine Guelph courses.” 

Allan says her favourite course was Equine Behaviour and she uses positive reinforcement more than ever before thanks to what she has learned. Students learn how positive reinforcement can be applied to horse training and gain a firm understanding of learning theory. Students achieve a better understanding of why horses do the things they do and learn how to provide the best environment for their well-being. Feel free to download the infographic below on positive reinforcement.