Show and Tail at Horse Day Erin


A town where unicorns, ponies, horses, dogs, goats, sheep, humans and one mermaid were recently observed delivering important messages about the wonderful world of equines to face-painted children wearing horse hats. This rare sighting was documented on May 27, 2023 at the Erin Fairgrounds during HorseDay Erin.

Equine Guelph director Gayle Ecker presents a talk at Horse Day in Erin, ON

Gayle Ecker, Equine Guelph’s director, was at the event with Equine Guelph’s traveling exhibit about horses, known as “EquiMania!” and offered an eyewitness account. “The Equine Guelph team is very grateful to HorseDay Erin’s organizers, sponsors, and volunteers for making it possible for EquiMania! be a part of this great event,” exclaimed Ecker.  “We always welcome the opportunity to talk with horse enthusiasts about horse care, such as the prevention of colic and many other preventable health and welfare issues.”

EquiMania!, is an exhibit that facilitates learning about horses through play and discovery. Kids and adults are encouraged to explore different activities that drive home key practical messages related to horse health, welfare, and safety. Examples of the activities available at HorseDay Erin included a life size model of the horse’s digestive system, a tube display that visually demonstrates the role of water and fibre in the horse’s gut, a bone box for users to dig through and find horse bones to learn about anatomy, and a glove safety station that guides users to the appropriate glove size. These activities offer just a small glimpse of those available in the EquiMania! vault. EquiMania! also offers horse crowns that can be worn or taken home to colour.  They are always a big draw for event attendees and the HorseDay Erin event was no exception with over 500 crowns adorning the heads of smiling participants. 

If you are interested in having EquiMania! out to an event, please contact [email protected]

EquiMania! is currently looking for volunteers. “Volunteers are essential for the EquiMania! exhibit to continue raising awareness about horse health, welfare, and safety.  They are highly valued as an integral part our team” says Ecker. Volunteer responsibilities may include supervision of the different areas within the activity centre, engaging youth in the interactive environment and answering questions related to the horse.  Cheerful, helpful, and approachable attitudes are what make EquiMania! such a popular feature at trade shows and fairs. If you’re passionate about horse health, welfare and safety, and are looking for ways to gain more experience in the industry, contact [email protected].

Story by: Nicole Weidner, Equine Guelph