Day 2

Hello everyone,

Wonderful to read all the groups’ discussions.  You are really bringing forward that domestic horses need: 1) friends, 2) forage and 3) freedom or else stereotypies are likely to develop.  We try to steer clear of calling them vices as this puts a negative label on the horse for a behaviour that was likely caused by our management.

Everyone is welcome to read all group’s discussions but we ask that you limit your own postings to your own group’s unit discussions. If you wish to discuss something with another group member – remember – there is the coffee shop discussion. 

One last point, we all come from various horse backgrounds and geographical regions but through this course we can interact and read each other’s points of view. Please, when posting a response to someone that may not share your view point, do so with respect and treat the discussion area as if it were a face to face classroom. Also – you don’t need to use actual farm names if you don’t want to.

Time Management
Our course is divided into 10 days (monday through friday). It is ideal if you can spend some time on the course site each day but I understand if that isn’t possible. If you are going to miss a day or two please read ahead or plan to spend some extra time catching up when you return. We don’t have lesson plans for the weekend so this is an excellent time to plan to catch up on activities or work on your assignment.

So – Day 2: Horse Vision and Hearing
As we read and view today’s resources – any surprises?