Finishing off Week 5

Hi Everyone,

As week 5 comes to an end, make sure you have completed the learning activities in the previous units as well as the ones assigned for this week so you stay on top of things.

Also, part of this course requests your involvement in the discussions. If you have not participated in the unit discussions, then make time to be a part of the discussions and ensure you post what you are learning in your own words each week.  Next week is the final week of this online course, so make sure you are leaving yourself enough time to finish the course next week.

If you are having challenges with participating in the discussion or completing any of the work, or understanding any of the components, then know that Cameron and I are here to help and support you as your learn about the horse and its care, as it is a very important part of your career in the horse industry and your knowledge will be one of the best ways to gain employment and maintain it, and then you will have more opportunities to move up in the industry and investigate future pathways!