Last day!

Our last official day of the course has arrived!  Thank you so much for joining us.  We hope that you have found this course of great help in reducing and managing colic risks for your horses.

  • Remember – you must complete all lessons before having access to your certificate.
  • If you require a signature for coaching credits – please email your form to [email protected]
  • Please complete the course evaluation
  • You will have access to the course until December 16th.

I’d like to thank our guest speakers for taking the time to address our questions.  If you haven’t already done so – please review the guest expert discussion forums.

For your Certificate –  Go to My Account, and scroll down below the course, and look for My Certificates.  Make sure the “red bar” under the name of the course (your completion status) is at 100% or you will not be able to print your Certificate!

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you