Last Day of Course and Final Quiz!

Dear Students,

I have really enjoyed being on this learning journey with you as you now complete the Welfare Code of Practice course.  Please remember to do the final quiz to complete your requirements for the Certificate.  And please do complete the exit survey and give us your thoughts about the new Horse Portal and this style of taking short courses that are focused on a specific topic.   Though the course officially ends today, you will still have access to the material until October 18 if you need extra time to complete the course.  You may also like to go back through the course and print off or save some of the resources for future reference.

As part of our learning community at The Horse Portal, we really value your feedback.  Please take some time to complete the exit survey as well for us (if not done already).  We want our courses to serve your needs, so your input will help us build each course just a bit better than the last one!

And if you enjoyed this course, please let your friends and associations know about The Horse Portal and our short course offerings (we also have 12 week courses for equine certificates and diplomas from the University of Guelph).  The next course on offer is the Biosecurity course starting on April 10th, so let your friends know and encourage them to sign up soon!

Happy trails to all!