Let’s get involved!

Hi Everyone,

A very warm welcome to all who have joined our Learning Community.  Our riding schools are one of the most important “building blocks” for our provincial horse industry!  So this learning community has been developed by Equine Guelph to help provide a forum for our riding school owners and their staff to learn more about the concept of “Surviving – then Thriving!”.

For this to work well for you, participation is important!

Ask questions!

Share what is working!

What are your current challenges?

By asking questions, we can help direct you to the people and/or information sources that can help answer your questions with practical information that can be applied to help your business.

By sharing what is working, we are working together to identify effective solutions that help our industry.  Remember that “rising waters raise all ships”, so by sharing, we are helping the overall industry to recover faster and by extension, this will help your business!

By sharing your current challenges, we can work together to identify pathways that will be helpful.

So, join in, and get involved!