Meet our peer helper for the course!

Hello everyone,

My pleasure to introduce our peer helper for this offering of our course – Shirle Ternan

Shirle Ternan

Shirle Ternan

A little bit about Shirle:

Shirley (or Shirle to those who know her) attained her CMA (Certified Management Accountant) designation in 1992, and for the past 30 years has worked in executive and financial/consulting positions primarily in the pipeline construction industry.

Ms. Ternan expanded her skills to the equine industry through a desire for personal growth and obtained the Equine Science Certificate (2010) and Diploma in Equine Studies (2011), both with distinction. Shirle also serves as an online Guest Speaker for Guelph’s Equine Business Management course and co-authored an eText relating to equine nutrition, From the Horses’ Mouth, Nutrition, Feed, and Feeding, (2014), Cavanagh & Ternan, in response to a need for nutritional materials supported by scientific research. The second edition is currently in process.

Ms. Ternan graduated from Athabasca University with her Master of Education in Distance Education in June 2018 after successfully defending her thesis ‘Exploring the Process ePortfolio of Graduate Students in an Online Environment’. The opportunity that began with Guelph to learn through an on-line venue has culminated with a Master of Education in Distance Education and the desire to continue to move forward in my own learning and sharing of this learning”.

And the journey continues – – – –

We look forward to officially starting the course – first thing Monday

Have a great weekend everyone!