Ready to Start Day 2!

Hello everyone and Welcome to Day 2!

It is great to see everyone getting involved in the discussions and it looks like we are out of the starting gate.

Just a couple of comments about course discussions and postings.  We do try to keep this course informal and we encourage a great deal of interaction. Please join in on the discussions as this can be a fun and enjoyable way of learning.  We have students from all backgrounds here and all sectors of the industry both racing and non-racing, some first time owners, some long-time owners, so this is a great benefit of the learning community.

For our learning community, we acknowledge that we can have very different experiences and years of horse background, industry sector and from geographical regions.  Our viewpoints will not always be the same but we can learn a great deal from each other’s view points.  So, within our learning community, we ask each of our students to respond with respect and courtesy, just as you would in a classroom with your instructor there with you.

And no matter how long we have been in the horse industry, there is always something new and important to learn!

Time Management
This course is divided into 10 days (monday through friday).  Whenever possible, try to get on the course site each day.  We know this is not going to work every day.  If you are going to miss a day, try to plan ahead and work through the next day’s lesson or plan to spend some extra time catching up when you return.  The weekend will be an excellent time to catch up on activities or your quiz.

So I hope you are now ready to join me for Day 2!