Rebecca has given us a Challenge!

Rebecca, our guest expert (next week) has joined in on some of the unit discussions and has given us a challenge:

Rebecca has asked – why do you use cross ties?

“I am going to challenge ALL OF YOU to do something different – ask your horse to stand in the wash rack quietly – without the cross ties.  It’s a training challenge that AMAZES your friends and co-riders when your horse stands there with NOTHING on.

Get your horse to enjoy being there – anotherwords – it is NOT a place that only work is done – clipping, spraying, etc.  Make it fun for them to get a massage from a good grooming there.  Don’t let them turn it into a lockdown in crossties.

My horses are expected to stand at liberty for their vaccinations, blood draws, and farrier – we make it fun, relaxing and we practice ALOT (see images).  I am not saying you have to take it to that point – but EVERYONE should spend some effort to get your horse to stand quietly and NOT need the crossties.


Vet work at liberty


Farrier work at liberty

Farrier work at liberty


Farrier work at liberty

Farrier work at liberty


Please join in the unit discussions.

Thank you