Setting up Your Study Schedule

Welcome to Day One!

We are very glad that you have signed in to the course and look forward to being a part of your program.

This course is divided into 6 Units.  While there is flexibility with an online course, it is expected that you will complete the 6 units within the 6 week time period of your course from the first day of opening.  The following schedule is advised.

Week One – Complete Course Orientation and begin Unit 1: The Horse

Week Two – Complete Unit 1: The Horse

Week Three – Unit 2: Handling the Horse

Week Four – Unit 3: Care of the Horse

Week Five – Unit 4: Nutrition

Week Six – Unit 5: Facilities Management and Unit 6: The Equine Industry Community

To help you with time management, please write this timeline into your calendar to keep you on schedule.  If you find yourself falling a bit behind, do not be too concerned as you can catch up the following week.