Thank you for joining us!

Dear Students,

Welcome to all of you for joining our course on TheHorsePortal, and the current course on Care and Welfare of horses.  We appreciate your comments and are very pleased that you enjoyed the course and found it of value for new information that can help you in your day-to-day management of the course.

I will be monitoring the site this week, as this gives our students more time to catch up, print off resources, save websites that you may wish to return to later for more information and keep notes on topics you want to archive.  You still have time to complete the course as well and get your certificate at the end.

We encourage you to check for upcoming courses that will be offered on TheHorsePortal, such as Gut Health and Colic Prevention, Lameness, Respiratory, Behaviour and Safety, First Aid, and more!  Also, for those wanting to go more in-depth with your learning, we do offer the 12 week courses (over 20 of them!) that are now attracting students from over 40 different countries — that is truly a global learning community that is great to join to be “always the student”.

No matter how long we have been in the industry, there is new and important information that is being generated, and so we admire all those who make the effort to continue to learn this information for the benefit of their horses.

Please do complete the survey and give us your thoughts, as we love to get feedback from our students so we can continue to provide enhancements and improvements.  We want to hear from you.

Thank you for joining us, and we hope we may see you again in future courses and seminars!