Unit 10 – Conclusions

Welcome to the last day of our course! What a journey!

I would like to thank each of you for choosing to take this course. I would also like to thank Rebecca for her time and enthusiasm. Lastly, I’d like to thank our group of experts for their contributions to the content.

Reminder – you will continue to have access to the course until end of day on Saturday, December 30th, giving you an additional four weeks in order to complete any activities or lessons, or review any of the course resources.

Before you leave the course, we suggest you:

  • Print off any resources that you feel would be helpful for reference.
  • We want your feedback! Before you leave the course, make sure you complete the survey below, and please provide us with your feedback and suggestions on the course. We listen carefully to our students to incorporate suggestions and ideas whenever we can continue to improve our offerings for you: Horse Trailer Safety – Part 1 Course Evaluation
  • Print off your certificate.

What’s next?

The Horse Portal has a full slate of courses available this year – we hope to have you join us once again!


Safe journeys