Unit 2

Unit 2

Hello everyone,

Wonderful to read everyone’s discussions. Great to see that experienced online students are assisting new ones. Just a couple of comments about course discussions and postings. Some students have limited time to participate or have the dreaded dial-up internet connection so please try to stay topic specific and use the correct discussion areas. We don’t want to stifle any dialog and there is always an appropriate spot for a discussion.

One last point, we all come from various horse backgrounds and geographical regions but through this course we can interact and read each other’s points of view. Please, when posting a response to someone that may not share your view point, do so with respect and treat the discussion area as if it were a face to face classroom. Also – please don’t include actual farm names if you do not wish to.

Today we focus on Unit 2– My First Aid Kit.

What is the most unique item in your first aid kit?