Week 2 – Day 6

Hello everyone,

Follow up – could this happen to you?

Back to our injured rider:

“A couple of mitigating factors that I should have considered before I put my foot in the stirrup. (And things you may all want to consider for your riding/horse management experiences).

  • The horse had not been ridden for the past 3 weeks
  • His turnout had been curtailed A LOT due to the number of horses at the facility and lack of turnout space due to snow/ice.
  • I am a average rider and not as fit as the horse
  • I definitely should have lunged him prior to the lesson. (Despite my instincts telling me otherwise)
  • It was a windy day outdoors and the indoor arena was full of ‘spooky’ noises.

I think if this horse was kept out 24/7 with shelter and more forage and less concentrates too he would be much more manageable”

Today’s topic is trailer safety