Week 2 – Guest Expert Discussion

Week 2 – Guest Expert Discussion

On Monday we officially welcome our guest expert – Dr. Rebecca Gimenez-Husted.  Rebecca has joined us to address questions in Discussion Forum – Guest Expert.  Reminder – Rebecca may not have the time to answer all questions presented.  Discussions must be general in nature – our guest cannot diagnose in this forum.

To learn more about Rebecca:

A volunteer firefighter in Gray, GA, Rebecca is doing R&D work with University of Edinburgh (UK), EKU (KY) and several veterinary schools. An internationally sought speaker and instructor, she edited the only textbook available to the fire service and veterinarians on technical rescue of large animals.

Rebecca holds a BS (Wofford College) and PhD (Clemson University).  Current scientific research interests include a national survey of trailer accident causality and a study of physiological responses to Technical Rescue procedures and equipment in large animals. A past Logistics Officer for FEMA’s Veterinary Medical Assistance Team (VMAT -2), decorated combat veteran and a Major in the US Army Reserves, she is active in various organizations related to disaster preparedness. She gives training worldwide in Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue techniques, using privately owned animals that she trains for hands-on demonstrations to perform without sedation. She has published numerous critiques, techniques and journal articles on the subject of technical large animal emergency rescue.

For more information please visit the TLAER website and Rebecca’s Blog

Get your questions ready and start posting in our discussion forum.