Week 4 – Welcome to Week 4! July 1, 2024

Welcome to week 4 of the Ontario Equine Education and Employment Program!

This week you are covering Unit 3 of the course. So, make sure that you are finishing up Unit 2 so you can keep on track and get started on Unit 3. After learning about the anatomy and physiology of the horse, this week’s unit will delve into some of the health issues that horses may face. Prevention of disease and injury is one of the important roles of the groom, but also early recognition and management of disease or an injury is just as important, as not all things are easily preventable. This will be an overview of the common things, and as you will see there is much more to be learned but this will give you an introduction to this area. Enjoy the week and don’t be afraid of posting questions and joining in on discussions!
Body Condition Score Chart PosterYou may wish to check out the Horse Health Check poster available from Equine Guelph, and the (coming soon) Body Condition Score poster for the barn!