Week 6 – May 27 – Final “Official” Day will be Friday, May 31 of our Course!

Hi to all our students!

It was great to virtually meet so many of you during the Teams meetings that we had through the course through Virtual Office Hours. May 27-31st is the final week!

Be sure to join us with Dr. Susan Raymond as our guest talking about Fire Prevention and Emergency Preparedness on Wednesday, May 29th at 10:00 a.m. (Link has been posted but will send it again to all students).
I want to wish all of you success in your ongoing equine endeavours, and also to remind you that you can stay in touch with Equine Guelph by signing up for our e-news from the www.equineguelph.ca website and visiting TheHorsePortal.ca to learn about our new Horse Owner Tools, and current events/offerings. Be sure to visit EquineJobTrack.ca to keep up with new jobs opening up, and also check out the Careers Showcase on that site to learn more about other opportunities for the future.

All the best to each of you and if you are dedicated, wanting and willing to learn and work in the industry, then there is a place for you. Here is a great example of just that!Jason Portuondo started out as a groom, moved up to broadcasting and is now an official with AGCO, and he did it through hard work, a willingness to learn and looking for opportunities to grow and advance.


So, take this as inspiration for yourself and craft out your pathway to your future in the horse industry! Please join the FINAL meeting with Brian Tropea and I on Friday September 8th at 10:00 a.m. (link will be posted and sent to all students).

The team at Equine Guelph, OHHA and VPI wish all the best to each of you in your careers.