Welcome everyone to our free offering of the Sickness Prevention course, based on the Canadian standard for equine biosecurity. While many are at home for the next few weeks, this is an ideal time to take Equine Guelph’s course on equine biosecurity, including taking the time to develop your own action plan and backup arrangements.

This course is open from March 30th to the end of May, as this gives you lots of time to complete the activities, join the discussions and learn more about biosecurity and how to protect yourself, your business, and your horses during times of infectious disease outbreaks.

The first week (March 30 to April 5) is a “pre-study” week of independent learning where you can go through the course materials on your own.  The course officially begins April 6 and I will be joining in the discussions.  Our guest expert, Dr. Alison Moore joins us for the week of April 13.  You will then have until the end of May to go back and review, read more, and download any of the materials that will be helpful to you as you apply your learning. Social distancing but social engagement online!