Welcome to the NSEF Scotia Series Foundations Judge Course!

After our successful first online Foundations Judge Course, we are excited to partner with Horse Portal for our next Scotia Series Foundations Judge Course.

Enjoy the course and the flexibility to work through the course materials on your schedule.  As outlined in the Course Introduction you have until December 18th to complete the materials and quizzes.

We look forward to your participation in the course.  If you have any questions about course content please email Sheila at [email protected].  Depending on the questions received we may answer questions individually, post the answers here on the announcements section, or we may offer a zoom session for participants to allow for further discussion.

We would like to thank our partners:

CapriCMW, Support4Sport, Equine Guelph,

as well as the many officials who helped to develop this program including Roz Moskovits!