Welcome to Day 4

Welcome to Day 4

Today, for Day 4, we continue with our focus on Housing and Facilities (continued from Day 3).  So new areas of Housing and Facilities will be explored today.  The Code will cover stall sizes and appropriate bedding for horses and then we will be changing our focus to the issue of Fire Prevention and safety.  Many of you will be familiar with the high losses in the horse industry due to many fires at horse farms including a large and well-known Standardbred training facility near Guelph, Ontario.  Many horses perished in these fires and the loss of income, facilities and more have profoundly affected many as a result of the losses, with ongoing consequences for many.

So, please do take some time to complete the activities contained within the Code reading assignment and for sure, make time to review and reflect carefully on the Fire Prevention information.  When it comes to fire safety, “Hope is not a strategy”.  If we do not plan for safety, then we plan for failure, and this really does apply to the area of Fire Prevention and Emergency Preparedness.  Take a good look at your horse facilities “through new eyes” that focus on safety and prevention.  Make use of the tools and extra reading that you have been supplied for this unit.  And then, plan out what you can do to your facility, take 3 things, and make a commitment to go out to your barn this weekend and make changes that will increase the safety for your horses.

And one last thing, as part of your Certificate of Completion, you will be required to complete three quizzes in this course, with Quiz 1 opening on Friday, and staying open throughout the weekend to give you time to complete it with a passing grade.