Welcome to Day 5

Hello to all our students and welcome to Day 5.

Today, we will learn more about what is required and what is recommended by the Code for Food and Water.  This is one of the most important areas for supporting health and welfare of horses.  It is one of the highest priorities for us as a horse owner.  So, first off, this unit will help you to understand the role of the digestive tract.  When we truly understand the functioning of the digestive tract and how it works, then many of the feed and water recommendations will make complete sense!

I have attended many seminars on the digestive tract that started with “a badly designed system”, yet once you understand how the digestive tract was developed to function for its natural environment (that of a grazing herbivore), I suspect you may find a new appreciation for the “well designed system” that it truly is when the horse is allowed to be a grazer.

Enjoy the day of learning!