Welcome to Day 6!

Hello to all our students and I welcome you to Day 6 of the Welfare Code of Practice course.

Today we will be learning about the Code requirements and recommendations as they relate to the health management of the horse.  Once we take ownership of the horse, we also take on the responsibility of its health and care.  As there is nothing “natural” left in the horse’s world, it is up to us to now take care of the health needs and to do all we can for prevention of health issues, whether that is disease, accident or injury.

The more we can learn about prevention, the better life will be for our horse.  I gently challenge all of our students to ensure that they know how to effectively contemplate a Horse Health Check as this is one of the most important things we can learn as a horse owner.  By knowing these parameters, and by developing an eye for details, we can be very strong advocates for the health of our horses and pick up potential issues quickly and respond effectively.