Welcome to Care and Welfare – Fall 2022!

Hello Students and welcome!

I wish to extend a warm welcome to all of you for joining our learning community on TheHorsePortal and we are all here to learn about care and welfare of the horse – my favourite topic!

You have joined our learning community to learn about Canada’s Welfare Code of Practice, and we hope you find very helpful and practical knowledge to be gained from your participation in this course.

In The Horse Portal, the online environment is the “classroom”.  I will be using the announcements to communicate with the class periodically, and we encourage you to join in the discussions for the different units and respond to the posts of others as well.  Ask questions, share your experiences and join in!  You will be pleasantly surprised at how much you learn from this participation and your horse will be the one that really benefits from your new knowledge.

Our course is 2 weeks in length.  Each day (Monday through Friday) there will be a unit for you to cover. When you have completed the unit, mark it as completed and then continue to the next one.  There will be quizzes at the end of each week, which are required for completion of the course and to make each student eligible for the Certificate.

Now – let’s get started with unit 1!

Gayle Ecker, Director, Equine Guelph (e-mail: [email protected])