Welcome to Day 9 – Adaptation and Feeding Transitions

We are almost done the second week of the course!  Today, we will be learning more about what to do when it is necessary to make changes in our management practices, so that the risks are reduced.  Within the racing industry, generally there is a schedule that is adhered to for feeding and training on a daily basis, but there are days when there are big changes for the horse on racing days, when barns are changed or if the horse is injured and needs to have some time off.  This change necessitates many alterations in exercise, feeding, turnout, daily schedule, caretakers and more.  In this unit, we will look at the risks of change and ways to reduce the risk for those changes.  While we are not able to control all those changes, we can reduce the other risks

Today we continue our discussions with our guest speaker – Don Kapper. We’ve been having some great questions and conversations all week. If you haven’t already done so, join the discussion – this is a great opportunity!

Have a great weekend!