Welcome to Day 5 – Feeding Concentrates

Today is the last ‘official’ day of Week 1 and it has been a busy week! Today we have a number activities and readings  to help you learn more about feeding concentrates.  Racehorses have a need for large amounts of energy, quite unlike recreational horses.  Concentrates are an important way of providing that energy along with other vitamins and minerals.  However, large amounts of concentrates can also introduce higher risk.  Today we talk about concentrates and how this can impact on gut health.  This will give you more information that you can use to discuss the feeding program with your equine veterinarian and nutritionist in order to make any changes (if needed) for the specific requirements of your horse depending on its state of training/growth or racing schedule.

I am excited to announce that renowned nutritionist, Don Kapper, will be joining us all next week as a guest speaker to answer questions about nutrition and colic.

Don Kapper’s biography is listed under “Guest Experts” tab on the Course Home Page. Over the next few days, think about and post your questions for Don Kapper under “Week 2 – Discussion: Guest Speaker”

Have a great weekend!