Welcome to Day 8 – Horse-Related Factors and the Environment

Onwards we go to Day 8!  You will now be looking at colic risks that are related to the individual factors of the horse, and also the influence of the environment on colic.  Many of these factors are beyond our control, but by reducing the risk with the other factors that can be influenced, we can reduce the overall risk of the horse.

Remember to visit the Discussion forum for our Equine Nutritionist, Don Kapper, this week and plan out some time for Discussion with our veterinarians next week!

A gentle reminder to make sure you are staying on top of your assignment.  It is worth doing a bit each day as you learn about each of the risks. (The assignment completion is up to you, but it is required for the Completion Certificate.  However, we recognize the time commitment required for busy lives in the racing industry, so feel free to continue learning and you can submit your assignment if you want).