Welcome to Horse Behaviour and Safety – Youth Course!

Good morning everyone, and welcome to Horse Behaviour and Safety – Youth Course on The Horse Portal!
We’re excited to welcome all of you to this short online course, and we hope you will find the information and resources helpful in your day to day experiences with horses.  During this challenging time of social distancing and restrictions on a lot of our outdoor activities, we also hope that you will enjoy this experience of learning online together!
Getting Started
For those who are new to the Horse Portal, please take a look through the Horse Portal Guide as well as a Discussions Guide to assist as you navigate the course.   The discussion area is a key component of our online courses – this is your opportunity to ask questions of your instructor and course guest expert, and to share your experiences with other students.   Please note that your posts will not appear right away – our instructor must approve posts before they appear on the Portal.
This course will begin on Monday, March 23rd and will run for two weeks.   Once the course opens, you will be all set to begin with lesson 1.1. “Introduction to the Course”.  Remember that this course is designed to be flexible around your schedule – there are no set times to be online, and you can catch up on lessons at your convenience, or move ahead if you wish.
Meet our Guest Expert:
We are delighted to welcome Dr. Rebecca Husted of Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue (TLAER) as our Guest Expert!  Dr. Husted will be joining us in the Guest Expert discussion area starting during Week 2 of the course!
For more info about our Guest Expert, check out her full bio on the main course page.
Update regarding COVID-19
Because of the ever-evolving situation with COVID-19, we have decided to extend access to the course even further, for an additional two weeks, with access set to end on Sunday, May 10th.  This means that although the main course period will end on Friday April 3rd, you will have an additional five weeks of access to the material – lots of time to look through the lessons and resources!   Please also bear in mind that because of everyone’s changing schedules and working from home, our Instructor and Guest Expert might not be able to respond to your questions right away, though they will do their best to do so.
The More the Merrier!
Is there a friend or relative who you thinking would be interested in taking the youth version of this course?  Registration for the course will remain open until May 1st, so there’s still lots of time to register!  Learn together online this spring!
Enjoy the course everyone!  If you have any questions about the Portal or are experiencing any technical issues, please get in touch with me at [email protected].
Matt Houlahan
Horse Portal Administrator