Welcome to the Course – from your Instructor

Intro to Forage!? WOW!

Is it the most important resource for healthy horses, living their best lives?

Can you learn to manage forage better, so that you are making life better for your horses?

Look at the picture of three grazing horses on the horse home page and tell me what you see there or ask me a question about what you see.

Look at the course Objectives and print them or make a copy of them that you can refer to throughout the course. Your course materials, combined with our discussions, should help you achieve each of these objectives. If you think we missed something, speak up!

Have you tried to access the University of Guelph library resources? Are you able to read the online version of a textbook called Horse Pasture Management? I hope so, because I will refer to it. You can also purchase a copy of it from the publisher, that you can continue to use after this course.

You might have heard of the following terms: sustainable, regenerative agriculture, horse welfare. As you increase your knowledge about forages, you should be able to make your farm more sustainable, practice some aspects of regenerative agriculture and improve the welfare of horses in your care.

I will have limited access to computer resources on Monday April 8, so I hope you will begin on your own and send me some questions and comments that I can respond to, beginning on April 9.

Paul Sharpe, Instructor