Welcome to Week 6!

We are now in the Final Week! Hi Everyone, we are now in the final week (week 6) of the online phase of your training.  This week you should be working on Unit 6 and finishing up any other items missed from previous weeks.  This unit is not very heavy but is a useful one to learn more about the industry and a great opportunity to post your questions for this week on any topic that we have covered in the 6 units, any topic on which you want to learn more, or any questions on careers, next steps for your job pathway and more!

I hope you have found this course a good starting platform to learn about some of the important basics of equine care and management, and I look forward to more discussions in this, our final week.

For those that have enjoyed learning about horses, you may wish to visit the other courses that we have on offer on TheHorsePortal.ca and students from our OEEEP program qualify for the reduced tuition fee for these courses, so check out the First Aid, the Lameness Prevention, Fire and Emergency Preparedness course, and maybe even the Biz 101 course, if you are building your career to own or run a facility or equine  business!  We hope to have you join our Portal learning community once again the future!